About NRM

Natural Resource, Conservation, Land Management, and Heritage

With the establishment of a Aboriginal ‘Land Care’ business Booroongen Djugun Limited (BDL) will employ Aboriginal people to work on natural resource, conservation and heritage management projects and contracts and fulfil the long held vision of its Elders Council for Aboriginal employment in such work.


Aboriginal representation in the field of natural resource and heritage management is low and aspirations for such involvement are high. Intention, from stakeholders, to engage Indigenous workers in various fields of natural resource management is a positive first step. Considerable effort and support is anticipated as we move to the implementation phase.


With the establishment of this business, BDL will utilise its experience in Aboriginal employment, training and services to create a culturally appropriate business model to ensure business success. Contemporary commercial contract demands must be well managed. Management of an effective Aboriginal workforce for this service provision will be crucial for its success and sustainability.