About AEDO

Booroongen Djugun Limited

Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO)


The aim of the Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) program is to assist the establishment and retention of viable, locally designed and operated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business, and encourage a commercial culture within Aboriginal communities.


The role of the Aboriginal Business Advisor is to:


  • Encourage new Aboriginal enterprise and self employment initiatives;
  • Ensure that non-viable business ideas are not continued
  • Create and retain employment by encouraging Aboriginal enterprise development
  • Foster the establishment of support services to improve the likelihood of new Aboriginal enterprises being successful
  • Assist the survival of existing Aboriginal business
  • Facilitate the development of small business skills
  • Encourage a commercial culture among Aboriginal people
  • Assist in small business training (eg NEIS – New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) for Aboriginal people.


The program targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who either wish to become self employed, or who are self employed and need advice on small business start-ups and/or management.


The AEDO program is funded and administered by The Department of Education and Communities, State Training Services, Aboriginal Services and is a FREE service to you.